Homepage Personalization

Tailored storefront for each shopper

The homepage is like your store window. Bring your customers down a guided journey through your online store, showing them exactly what they might want every single time. Decrease your bounce rates and ensure your shoppers engage with the rest of your site. Personalize based on each user’s style preferences right from the storefront.
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Dynamic Personalization

Uncover shopper preferences with each click

No two shoppers will experience your store the same way with our dynamic personalization engine. Understand shopper intent with each click and serve up products with highest likelihood of engagement. Build trust and keep them hooked by displaying items based on preferred colors, patterns, style, brand, price & more.

Visual Style Product Discovery

Recommend visually relevant styles for your shoppers

Give your shoppers the ability to explore a variety of products in the styles they’re interested in. Open up the opportunity for customers to discover products that typically never go explored in your catalog.

Ensemble Generation Capabilities

Style a look for each shopper to engage and upsell

People spend hours trying to put together looks everymorning: for work, for events & more. Why not style entire looks and help them pick complete outfits? The AI Stylist’s ensemble generator feature, allows you to give your shoppers the benefit of a stylist. Upsell, cross-sell and give your shoppers a fantastic customer experience with the ensemble generator.

Personalized "My Pages"

Give each shopper a personalized wardrobe

Our AI Stylist gives bespoke a whole new meaning, providing each shopper with their own wardrobe, their own collections and more. Create the equivalent of the shopper’s own curated store space, with recommended outfits, and products that match their visual preferences, as well as pairing suggestions for the products they already own.

Visual Search

Click a picture to get started

We make machines see, so your shoppers can search by uploading an image rather than scrambling for the right keywords. Our advanced computer vision algorithms detect matching as well as visually similar products in the blink of an eye. So the next time your shoppers see something they like on the street, they’re one click away from finding it on your site.
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