Make shopper-centric retailing a reality



Deliver relevant recommendations based on every shopper's visual style preferences's image recognition platform recommends visually relevant styles based on color, pattern, shape and more for your shoppers. It gives them the ability to explore a variety of products in the styles they’re interested in. This gives retailers the advantage of being able to understand shopper intent, engage & convert them at a higher rate, real-time.

Product Page: Use visually similar styles on product page to reduce bounce rate, improve engagement and increase conversion.

Wishlist Page: Manage out-of-stock in wishlists by using visually similar recommendations.

VueInsights: Curate visually similar styles that reflect your shopper's preference across collections.

VueStudio: Use visually similar styles in shoppable videos to prevent out-of-stock.

VueMail: Tackle cart abandonment with similar style product recommendations via email.


Product Discovery: Get your catalog discovered more with visually similar styles.

Retention and Repeat Purchase: Take into account the shopper's visual style preferences in email marketing via VueMail, urging them to come back to the site.

Reduce Bounce Rate: Provide better engagement on product and wishlist page recommendations based on similar styles.

Marketing: Make your marketing videos shoppable using VueStudio, which provides visually similar recommendations.

Shopper Engagement: Aid shopper navigation with similar style recommendations which keep them engaged.

Shopper Experience: Provide recommendations relevant to every shopper, consistently, enhancing the shopping experience.

Shopper Journey: Reduce shopper fatigue across the site with similar style recommendations along their journey.

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