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Achieve sustainable growth,
higher order values
Returning shoppers spend

Returning shoppers spend


More than a new shopper.

Customer acquisition costs

Customer acquisition costs are


More than customer retention


Yet returning shoppers are just


Of total traffic on an average


Of consumers prefer brands that offer personalized content, and experiences.

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Dynamic 1-to-1 Personalization:

Bespoke Shopper Experiences at Scale

At we understand that there is no “average” shopper. And therefore, personalization based on segmentation can only have limited impact on retail growth. uses Computer Vision and advanced ML algorithms to understand every individual shopper’s preferences and intent. As a result, no two buyer journeys are alike. Every shopper’s journey is optimised for greater engagement and higher conversion.

ImgObj ImgObj ImgObj is changing retail personalization at a very fundamental level.

We do this by seeing every shopper as an individual and creating a version of the online store, real-time, just for them.

Understand Individual
Shopper Preferences

Personalized. Not Segmented.

Segmentation that often masquerades as personalization is built on the myth of the ‘average’ shopper. allows retailers to build individual experiences for each and every shoppers, based on an understanding of their unique preferences.

Style profiles capture visual affinities (Eg-color, pattern, shape), and non-visual affinities (Eg- brands, categories, price) to build a comprehensive understanding of every individual shopper.

Understand Individual Shopper Preferences Understand Individual Shopper Preferences Understand Individual Shopper Preferences Understand Individual Shopper Preferences
Understand Shopper Intent
                With Every Click Understand Shopper Intent
                With Every Click

Understand Shopper Intent
With Every Click

Contextual Shopper Intelligence

Collaborative and content based filtering often provide irrelevant recommendations as they fail to look at shopper behavior in context. uses real-time and historical data, to deliver the right product, to the right shopper at the right time- even when a shopper is looking to make an 'unusual' purchase, for a gift or a special occasion.

Match Content to Shopper
Behavior, Real-Time

Dynamic. Not Static.

Legacy personalization systems that are based on segmentation are static. They offer a segment of shoppers a pre-decided buyer journey. provides a dynamic shopping experience that is adapting real-time, with every click, to offer the shopper exactly what they are looking for.

Personalization Designed for Fashion


Uplift in conversion rate for users who engage with

Personalization Designed for Fashion


of Total Business Revenue Directly Attributable to

Personalization Designed for Fashion


Increase in AOV
 through's AI-powered
 Styling and Outfitting

Personalization Designed for Fashion


Increased Retention
 with Higher
 Repeat Visits

Personalization Designed for Fashion


Lower Bounce Rates
 with Personalized

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Personalization Needs High Quality Product Data Can Auto-Generate Rich Product Meta Data Using Visual AI

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The Right Recommendations at the Right Time

for Every Individual Shopper’s recommendations are dynamically personalized for every shopper and their place in the shopper journey. Retailers benefit from better product discovery, greater catalog coverage, increased conversions and higher order values.

Similar Products
Style Profiles for every shopper

Solve the cold start problem for first time customers by personalizing the shopper journey from the very first click

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Personalized Content Across
The Entire Shopper Journey

ImgObj Cross-Channel Personalization
Engagement Beyond the Website takes personalization out of your website into multiple touchpoints. Enable your marketing team to send out personalized emails and push notifications with relevant product recommendations, resulting in high CTRs. Recommendations are generated in real time—when the shopper opens the email or clicks on the notification—based on up-to-date shopper affinities and behavior.

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The world of personalization

delivered through a single dashboard
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