Transform garment images
to on-model imagery

Automated On-Model Fashion Imagery with cutting edge AI

Automated On-Model Fashion Imagery

Are you a Fashion Brand, Fashion Retailer or a Marketplace for Apparel? No more product photoshoots, booking models, photographers, re-shoots, month long product digitization cycles and hundreds of dollars spent on a single look!

VueModel's AI algorithms lets you generate on-model fashion imagery, at 1/4th the cost and 5 times the speed of traditional photography.
Go to market faster than ever before with automated generation of high quality and consistent product catalog images.


Simplified On-Model Fashion Imagery

Save cost on photoshoots and bulk editing


Simply upload product images and download images of models wearing your products.Save days of pre-production and editing.

Get high quality product-on-model catalog images for your product pages at a fraction of the time.

Represent products on models of every size and skin tone

Create compelling product stories

Choose from different models, skin tones and poses to generate a diverse set of product-on-model images that will make your brand/store and products stand out. Help your customers visualize outfits on models closest to their size by generating model images in every size and featuring them on your product pages. Accessorize and style your products differently with each image, catering to every customer segment.

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Save Big on Costs

Save upto 75% of costs on logistics, location and background work, by avoiding traditional photography on human models, for a scalable, streamlined process.

Increase engagement and conversions

Help your customers visualize your products better with high quality, consistent and diverse imagery.

Faster time to market

List and re-list items on your site quickly. React instantly to changes in customer demand by regenerating model images with changes in styling or models.

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