Make shopper-centric retailing a reality



Deliver a personalized journey for every shopper, real-time, with every click's dynamic personalization engine ensures that every shopper experiences your store in a unique way. Built on industry-leading Computer Vision algorithms, the engine understands all the visual cues like color, pattern, shape and more, that your shoppers are leaving behind real-time, infers shopper intent and serves up products with highest likelihood of purchase and engagement.

Product Page Recommendations: Learn what a shopper is looking for by the 2nd, 3rd clicks. Use implicit user actions and preferences of category, color, pattern and visual styles to converge on exactly what your shopper is looking for, increasing chances of converting them.

Category Page: Provide shopper-relevant listings on category pages, using dynamic personalization.

My Page: Curate personal closet pages for every shopper, powered by dynamic personalization, making it relevant and increasing engagement.

Search Results Page: Provide personalized search results for every shopper, enabling relelvant product discovery.


Increase Conversion: Show your shoppers you understand their intent in a given session by analyzing color, pattern and visual styles of the products they click. Convert them with highly personalized journeys.

Shopper Engagement: Take into account the shopper's intent and style choice at every step, increase shopper engagement.

Product Discovery: Personalize every step of the shopper's journey real-time with each click, leading to discovery of more relevant products.

Site Navigation: Aid the shopper in navigating your site by showing them only what's relevant to them, while allowing them to discover new styles.

Shopper Experience: Provide relevant recommendations specific to every shopper real-time, enhance shopper experience.

Understand Shopper Intent: Reduce shopper fatigue by showing them you understand their buying intent during a session, reflecting their preferences real-time.

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