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Enrich catalogs with rich product attributes

At 10X the speed of conventional tagging

Automated product tagging saves retail teams significant time and resources, enables standardisation, and generates attribute-rich, consistent product metadata.


Extract detailed product attributes from your catalogs for high-quality product meta data.

Types of Models
Extract product attributes from images to generate optimized high-performance product metadata
Prediction Types of Models
Enrich product catalog with automated meta tags and product descriptions predicted from visual cues.

Easy QA of tags from a single window, with individual and bulk edit options. Feedback loop retrains network to quickly reflect changes.

Individual and bulk edit options allows teams to edit and approve tags easily. Multi - image preview option allows teams to ensure all necessary attributes are tagged for a product.

Download approved tags, easily integrate with existing PIM and CMS systems, in a variety of ways.

Sizes and Ethnicities
Enrich product database system with robust metadata via API or through the VueTag Dashboard. Easily integrate with platform-agnostic PIM systems or popular ecommerce connectors.

AI-predicted tags

from a wide range of images as inputs
Tag Product images
Brand images

Predict visual attributes from professional images

Tag Product images
User images

Generate tags based from user generated images

Tag busy background images
Noisy images

Extract product attributes from product images with busy backgrounds

Tag unstructured data
Unstructured data

Generate product tags from unstructured data



increase in catalog
accuracy for better
search and discovery



time saved per
person per week

Personalization Designed for Fashion


across apparel,
jewellery and

Personalization Designed for Fashion


tagged on an
average, every

Personalization Designed for Fashion


like color, seasonality
and style, tagged
every month.

Get consistent, highly optimized product data powered by A.I.

Automate the product tagging process for high performance fashion catalogs specifically for your business
personalized experience

Save costs with faster, automated product digitization

personalized experience

Create consistent, enriched metadata for clean catalogs

personalized experience

Help merchants and sellers with smoother seller onboarding

personalized experience

Curate collections with style, occasion, season tags and more

personalized experience

Improve product discovery and navigation

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“Zilingo is a hybrid marketplace with millions of products on the platform. It’s very challenging to be able to catalog and curate collections effectively. How can we effectively curate products on the site so we’re able to show them to a customer at the point of sale or discovery? That’s a very relevant aspect to our business. That’s why we are using A.I. to curate fashion collections in an automated and scalable way.”

Marita Abraham, CMO, Zilingo

Marita Abraham, CMO, Zilingo

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