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E-Commerce is the new normal for retail. With, you can grow your retail business by giving your customers experiences that are tailored to their preferences.’s visual intelligence works in powerful ways to help you build meaningful associations with every single customer and give the power of rich, robust data to your teams. Capture intent, boost revenues and grow customer loyalty with our AI Stack.

In an Amazon world, retailers need to buy, design, produce, digitize and sell faster as customer loyalty and attention are at an all time low. The shopper’s experience needs to be unique, memorable and personalized to their individual preferences. for Grocery Retail

It’s time for the grocery shopping experience to get personal. Our tools can offer your customers convenience the way they’ve never experienced before while simultaneously providing actionable insights for your catalog & merchandising teams.

ImgObj For Grocery Retail For Grocery Retail For Grocery Retail
  • Create rich product profiles through image and text data, using our powerful data extraction tools.
  • Build affinities: product to product and product to user, to offer the best substitute and complementary products, using product graphs.
  • Identify every customer’s flavor profile and offer customized experiences at an individual level to boost retention and LTV. for Beauty

Every beauty customer is unique, which is why it’s crucial for beauty retailers to offer tailor made recommendations and customer experiences. Beauty retailers can retain and nurture loyalty by engaging customers with one-of-a-kind site experiences that they will keep coming back to. For Beauty
  • Power dynamic recommendations that are specific to each and every customer’s skincare profile.
  • Boost AOV by powering tailor-made recommendations using AI-powered product graphs that are cognizant of ingredient, color and brand preferences.
  • Enhance product discovery through robust catalogs tagged using’s cutting-edge data extraction tools.
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ImgObj ImgObj For Fashion for Fashion

Create, organize, personalize and analyze data using our suite of products that harness the power of AI for fashion. Our suite understands the different segments within fashion - from kidswear to luxury to resale - and identifies customer behaviour in each segment and within that segment, category and subcategories. For Fashion
  • Drive revenue and customer retention with individually personalized recommendations tailored to every customer’s style profiles.
  • Extract rich data from fashion imagery, curate ensembles, digitize the photoshoot process and automate other time-consuming processes to focus on giving your customers bespoke experiences.
  • Offer your teams cutting edge analytics that compares your assortment with industry peers to provide the most comprehensive view of your business. for Electronics

At, we understand that customer intelligence is at the forefront of electronics businesses. Our suite of AI tools enables retailers to procure a 360° view of their customer and their preferences. For Electronics
  • Offer relevant and accurate recommendations that cut through multiple electronic segments - personal, home, professional devices and more.
  • Calculate brand and product affinities to enable and optimize product targeting at an individual level.
  • Build affinities: product to product and product to user, to offer the best substitute and complementary products, using product graphs.
ImgObj For Electronics For Electronics
ImgObj for Home & Furniture

Furniture is a high value, high consideration purchase. Our algorithms work to understand unique and individual customer preferences to help furniture brands engage customers and thereby nurture customer retention, loyalty and lifetime value. For Furniture
  • Boost AOS & AOV through accurate recommendations that take into account interior style and room being shopped for.
  • Fuse online and offline data to power an omnichannel view of your customer.
  • Extract and create rich, accurate data for your teams and enable them to make faster and better merchandising and customer service decisions across channels. For Furniture For Furniture
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