The retailer is part of one of India’s largest multinational conglomerate holding with products across various verticals. The customer’s shopper base consists of people who are looking for specific products to suit their needs. The shoppers were keen to discover brands and find products that are relevant. allows the customer to tailor the e-commerce storefront using personalized recommendations based on each shopper's style preferences. This helps bring shoppers down a guided journey through the online store, reduce bounce rates and ensure shoppers engage with the rest of the site.

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"We introduced these recommendation components about a year back, which were powered by Most of these recommendations are on our homepage and very clearly one of the positive benefits which we found is the ability to showcase products that are closer to what the customer wants, build a bit of relevance with the customers—and those components actually have given us the ability to move the traffic more towards the category pages and has improved the performance of those homepages. We are not a price-oriented platform, but we are a brand forward platform."
kishore mardikar

Kishore Mardikar
CMO, Tata Cliq

The challenge
  1. The marketplace’s CXO team aimed to design a ‘brand-led’ website, allowing user-brand affinities to lead the experience from the home page. The customer wanted to ensure that shoppers found brands they were looking for at the first touchpoint of their journey. They also wanted to ensure that a shoppers preferred brands surfaced on every visit to the site.
  2. The customer was using recommendations based on Collaborative Filtering. This treated shoppers as segments, and did not consider individual shoppers’ intent or preferences.
  3. There were irrelevant content recommendations, leading to low engagement.

Visual Intelligence across shopper journey’s Personalization Suite uses customer intelligence to gain insight into every individual shopper’s preferences. Each and every click a shopper makes, the qualities and styles of the merchandize they are interacting with, specific attributes that they show affinity towards, intent of shopper in any given session are all combined to provide a 360 degree view of the shopper. Intelligence at this scale for shopper preferences ensures that the on-site shopper journey is personalized in real-time across channels, while giving retailers the flexibility to apply specific business rules for their site.

Tata Cliq Website
Tata Cliq Website

Real-time dynamic personalization solution

No two shoppers have the same journey.’s Dynamic Personalization engine understands this. The image recognition based behavioral targeting engine, helps with


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