The two luxury marketplace customers have rapidly expanded from eCommerce platforms to multiple offline stores. They currently houses multiple top luxury fashion designers, and are projected to expand both internationally and within India. Their customers are primarily online and across geographies.

The market that they serve currently is expected to grow over 6.6% annually.

The customers’ vision is to create a platform for Indian fashion that brings together India’s top designers to a single place. They are looking to “aggregate, curate, and enable discovery” of high-quality products, channelize demand creatively, and permanently solve the critical pain-points associated with the industry. helped deliver

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Personalization across Shopper journey

Personalized shopper journeys ensures shoppers find products that match their Style Profiles at every step of the their journey.’s personalization suite helps deliver uplifts across the shopper journey, including increase in average time spent on page, uplifts in conversion rate, and increase in average order value and size.

Style Profile based recommendations, and brand based journeys enable higher cart size, and an increase in products viewed on the site.

The challenge

The customers’ wanted to create

  1. a seamless journey for their shoppers online.
  2. Personalization solutions that would enable better engagement and conversions.

As luxury multi-brand marketplaces, one of the challenges was also increasing product visibility both within and across brands.


Visual Intelligence across shopper journey’s Personalization Suite uses customer intelligence to gain insight into every individual shopper’s preferences. Each and every click a shopper makes, the qualities and styles of the merchandize they are interacting with, specific attributes that they show affinity towards, intent of shopper in any given session are all combined to provide a 360 degree view of the shopper. Intelligence at this scale for shopper preferences ensures that the on-site shopper journey is personalized in real-time across channels, while giving retailers the flexibility to apply specific business rules for their site.

Indian luxury fashion industry

Personalization for the Home Page

Home page personalization

The homepage functions as the first touchpoint for shoppers who are looking to

Personalizing for both these sets of shoppers from the same home page requires solutions that effectively maps shopper intent to visual and non visual product attributes.

Personalization for the Product Details Page

Personalization of the product page is essential to ensure that shoppers landing directly on this page from search engines or other channels are still served relevant recommendations.’s Style Profile and Dynamic Personalization solutions takes into account visual clues left behind by the shoppers such as preference for a pattern, color, style, etc. Recommendations are adjusted dynamically in real-time to show shoppers preference as they browse and move through the site.

Indian luxury fashion industry

Personalization for the Product Page

Personalization of the product page is essential to ensure that shoppers landing directly on this page from search engines or other channels are still served relevant recommendations. Shoppers are shown styles that are similar to the styles they have expressed an interest, and recommendations across categories that can help them in visualizing an ensemble.

Personalization for the Cart Page

Two features are implemented on the cart page to provide greater product visibility for shoppers. Once a shopper is well into the purchase funnel, there is limited opportunity to surface additional products. Recommendations on this page are useful in driving upsell. Trending products, and Cross Product Recommendations ensure the shopper is given insight into as many products, across as many brands as possible.


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