The big picture

Online shopping today is spread over multiple channels, and shoppers have more than one linear journey on the site. Shoppers are looking at ease of shopping across multiple devices and through various channels, including social media, email, etc. This customer is a large multi-category marketplace with users across platforms and channels. They wanted to take their shoppers on seamless customer journeys across devices and pages. They were looking for a personalization solution that could enable product discovery and improve retention.

The partnership between the customer and is close to five years old. The teams have worked together during this time to analyze, build, and implement strategies that have helped the customer grow in strength year on year, quarter on quarter.

Every strategy being used by the team for the customer comes from a data-backed understanding of how shoppers move across the site. Regular touchpoints with the customer and tests and improvements across the site ensure greater engagement with recommendations. helps the retailer get a better understanding of shopper journeys on the site—across brands, categories, channels, and verticals. Personalization is powered for every shopper from the first touchpoint, no matter their source of entry, and across categories like eyewear, electronics, and fashion.

The customer has seen a 11.3% increase in conversion rates and an uplift of 9.4% revenue per visit rate with from Q4 2019 to Q3 2020.

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The problem

One of the pioneers in building a brand-based marketplace, the customer has blazed a trail with their multi-category marketplace idea. Their growth vertically through categories and horizontally across brands—fast fashion and luxury— has worked as an example of how customer success and shopper experience can go hand in hand. The customer was looking to partner with an organization that would provide retail automation to position themselves as a brand destination.

They wanted recommendation solutions that would help them

  1. understand shopper journeys on the site—across brands, categories, channels, and verticals.
  2. implement personalization from the first touchpoint for every shopper, no matter their source of entry
  3. provide personalization across categories like eyewear, electronics, and fashion

And this is where plays its role.

The Solution

Personalization solutions across the website to improve sitewide revenue.

Shoppers want to have a seamless experience on-site. Regardless of the page’s nature, shoppers expect personalization to match their intent and preferences and real-time, helping them find products across the site. takes a data-led decision-making approach to personalization. Insights derived from data and regular interactions with the customer team have helped in finding new use cases and iterating on existing recommendations on the site.’s engine tweaks every single recommendation with the knowledge that shopper interests, patterns, and preferences are ever-changing. Solutions implemented post-analysis helped in assessing the placement and workability of modules.

Recommendations across the site have helped the customer see an uplift in the month-on-month site-wide revenue.

Multi-category marketplace sees continued growth with A.I.

Personalization for different product categories to increase click-through rate

Any personalization solution that requires optimization of a category needs to solve the inherent complexities that come with it. While understanding shopper behavior remains constant, it requires thinking differently about product data, product associations, and shopper data. The customer team was looking to drive engagement and conversion for a new category. They wanted to mimic the solutions implemented for their fashion categories and show relevant, individualized, brand-led recommendations in this category for every shopper.’s personalization engine uses customer intelligence to gain insight into every individual shopper’s preferences. The engine marries Product Intelligence with Customer Intelligence to build Lifestyle Profiles that are unique to every shopper. Every click a shopper makes, the types of products they interact with provides a 360o view of the shopper.

Shopper intelligence built on this system ensures 1:1 personalization for every touchpoint of the shopper journey. Designing specific parts of the shopper’s journey prioritizes their preferred brands. Real-time personalization provides maximum engagement opportunities.

For this category of products, improvements made based on shopper data and shopper journey on the site helped the customer see a significant uplift in CTR QoQ from 2019.

19% uplift in Q1 and 35% uplift in Q2 compared to December ‘19.

Personalized recommendations in product pages for better product discovery and improvement in conversion rate for engaged users.

Shoppers looking to shop from a multi-category platform are likely looking for products across categories. If they are not nudged across the site with meaningful product recommendations, they are likely to drop off. Personalization solutions need to be agile enough to recognize shopper intent and preferences from the very first click.’s solutions have a 360o view of the shopper and their interactions with their products. The engine adjusts recommendations to the most current product they are viewing along with recent history.

CTR has improved by 10%, and the Conversion Rate of users who engage has increased 4x

Multi-category marketplace sees continued growth with A.I.

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