Personalization Designed for Fashion


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Personalization Designed for Fashion


Uplift in conversion rate for users who engage with

Personalization Designed for Fashion


of Total Business Revenue Directly Attributable to

Personalization Designed for Fashion


Increase in AOV
 through's AI-powered
 Styling and Outfitting

Personalization Designed for Fashion


Increased Retention
 with Higher
 Repeat Visits

Personalization Designed for Fashion


Lower Bounce Rates
 with Personalized

Home Page Personalization

No more cold starts. With, there’s no need for extensive historical data. Use Style Profiles of each shopper to auto-curate products. Personalize right from the home page.

Reduce bounce rate, convert more.


increase in conversion rates

with's home page personalization features

Personalization Tool powering the home page

Search and Product Listing Page Personalization

Don't lose customers by making them scroll endlessly. Engage & convert on the first set of results, on every listing page. Show ensembles for every product and get shoppers hooked right away.


higher conversions

with higher relevance on top, on category listing pages

Product listing pages powered by a visual personalization Tool

Product Detail Page Personalization

Show visually similar styles on Product Detail Pages and grow revenue per visitor by 65%. Give your shoppers the luxury of personal styling for every product they’re interested in.


of overall revenue

driven by's visually similar recommendations

Personalization Tool at work on product pages

Checkout and Confirmation Pages

With's Complete the Look & Style it recommendations, increase AOV and AOS. Inspire your shoppers to buy outfits, not just products.


products viewed per session

with styling and outfitting recommendations

AI-powered personalization Tool serves recommendations at checkout

Re-Engagement Emails

Send highly curated, personalized emails that reflect each shopper's Style Profile, history, category and brand affinities. Watch retention & frequency of buys go up, with cross channel continuity.


products discovered

on website visits coming in via VueMail

Recommendations in emails, powered by’s personalization Tool
"With’s Personalization Suite, we saw 8x the engagement from users who had interacted with features, compared to users who hadn‘t interacted with them. The average basket size per order via recommendations was 40% larger than that of non-engaged users. The team has also been really prompt with suggestions for optimizing the placement of widgets, for constantly improving results."
Shoji Kimura, CFO, FLAVA

Shoji Kimura


Generate Style Profiles

for every customer

Visual Style

Color | Shape |
Pattern | Style


Price | Brand | Category

Intent in the
current session

buying behavior

Segmentation is NOT personalization.

VueCommerce takes in data across sources to build every individual shopper’s unique Style Profile. Each shopper’s Style Profile consists of their affinities to brands, categories, etc. as well as visual style preferences such as color, pattern, shape, etc. This powers our ai personalization tool, to serve your shoppers the right products at every step.

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Dynamic Personalization
of the Shopper Journey in real time

No two shoppers have the same journey.

With our dynamic personalization tool, understand shopper intent with each click, and serve personalized product recommendations with the highest likelihood of engagement. Keep your shoppers hooked across their journey with real-time 1:1 personalization.

Styling and Outfitting

for every shopper

Styling and outfitting served by’s personalization Tool Styling and outfitting served by’s personalization Tool Styling and outfitting served by’s personalization Tool Styling and outfitting served by’s personalization Tool

Styling and Outfitting

for every shopper

With a single click of the Style It button, your shoppers can see whole ensembles for the product they’re interested in. Inspire shoppers to buy styles and not just products. Give every shopper the luxury of personal styling. Take personalization on your site to a whole new level.

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A personalized experience at every touchpoint

Delight every shopper with truly individualized shopper experiences and grow your revenue.
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The world of personalization

delivered through a single dashboard
world of personalization

One-time initial setup
 Full-time support from the team

world of personalization

Configuration of personalization features with minimal tech handholding

world of personalizationworld of personalization

A wide range of algorithms and templates to build recommendation modules (Or just choose from our pre-built library!)

world of personalization

Full control over business rules to tweak product recommendations

world of personalization

Intuitive interface to configure recommendation modules on your site

world of personalization

Key metrics at your fingertips with deep performance analytics


Help shoppers discover the products they love.

Omnichannel personalization based on AI-powered visual search

Search and

Product Discovery and Engagement

and Repeat

Customization for Every Shopper


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