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curated content

with AI-powered email

VueMail is the world’s first Style Profile-driven, AI-powered email marketing solution. It understands data signals collected on your site, so you can personalize every email you send your shoppers with products handpicked for them. These product recommendations are dynamically generated at the time that the shopper opens the email.

Shopper Intelligence

Shopper Intelligence

Recommendations match the shopper’s most updated Style Profile, i.e. newly learned preferences and taste

Product Intelligence

Product Intelligence

Visual A.I. understands product attributes and builds affinities between them.
Open-time content generation ensures that out-of-stock products do not get recommended

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Powered by a visual A.I. engine

personalized experience

Powered by shopper Style Profiles

personalized experience

Real-time content, based on inventory at the time of open

personalized experience

Wide range of product recommendation strategies

personalized experience

Full control over business rules

personalized experience

1:1 targeting based on shopper actions

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The Ultimate Guide to Shopping Cart Abandonment in Ecommerce

Learn how personalized emails can help recover abandoned shopping carts.

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The right recommendation

at the right time

Rescue Abandoned Shopping Carts

Lead shoppers back to your website by reminding them to complete their purchase through personalized email. With VueMail, you can show each shopper:

  • different ways to style the product in their cart
  • other products that are visually similar to it
Personalized Email Use-case 1 : Cart Abandonment
Personalized Email Use-case 2 : Cross-sell in Order Confirmations

Cross-sell in Order Confirmation Emails

The shopper journey doesn’t stop with a buy. Get a lift in revenue by showing your shoppers outfit recommendations for the products they just bought, or products frequently bundled with them.

Re-engage in Order Cancellation Emails

Reconnect with shoppers who have cancelled an order with products visually similar to what they had cancelled. Bring them back to your site, understand intent and get them closer to what they were looking for.

Personalized Email Use-case 3 : Order Cancellation Emails
Personalized Email Use-case 4 : Promotional Emails ImgObj ImgObj

Personalize Promotional Emails

Boost brand loyalty and engagement by sending shoppers curated collections based on their Style Profiles. Launch new collections and nurture your user community with exclusive content for each shopper.

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Use our whole range of recommendation strategies to design impactful personalized email campaigns that set the shopper journey in motion, and ensure that it continues even off-site.

"When it comes to product discovery on an ecommerce platform, everything from our search algorithm to our recommendations to what we send on our email and push notifications is important. By taking part in this A.I. trend, we are testing a lot. That is why we are also partnering with an intelligent retail automation company like®, to really push the bar and get some of those world standards to be introduced to our platform."
ImgObj karen bruck, Senior Director, Mercado

VP Marketplace,
South America


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