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The Making Of VueX

When was launched in 2016, AI-based personalization was largely unheard of. Being innovators in this space, we worked as extensions of retail companies, helping them tap into the power of A.I. to demonstrate significant business impact.

We’ve distilled everything we’ve learned over the last 4 years of delivering AI-based personalization solutions to over a 100 retail innovators and leaders, into one single product - VueX. We believe that this will change the game for eCommerce.

VueX’s mission is to help retailers go beyond transactions, to build personalized customer experiences so remarkable, that they become the brand story. We understand that personalization is the only way to retain customers. And customer retention is the only path to sustained growth.

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5 ways to improve ROI on personalization investments
80% of retailers who invest in personalization will abandon it by 2025 according to Gartner Inc. This blog post provides retailers with best practices that result in increases in conversion, AOV and engagement.
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Why VueX Is A Better Choice

We don't just use data, we make it better

Too many personalization solutions are little more than CRMs that simply store and use the data provided to them. This is a big problem because personalization solutions are only as good as the data they are built on. VueX uses Visual A.I. to enhance and generate product and customer data. It creates rich customer profiles based on individual shopper’s preferences for a wide range of attributes.

Understand Individual Shopper Preferences Understand Individual Shopper Preferences Understand Individual Shopper Preferences Understand Individual Shopper Preferences

Dynamic 1:1 personalization,
at every touchpoint

Every individual shopper that enters your online store is looking for content that is relevant to them. This is why segmentation-based strategies and collaborative filtering fail to make a significant impact on ROI. VueX understands every individual shopper’s preferences and intent. It adjusts content real-time to ensure every shopper’s journey is unique.

Effortlessly build immersive journeys

When no two shoppers are the same, why should their journeys be? VueX offers retail teams a single powerful A.I. tool to effortlessly build immersive shopper journeys. eCommerce teams have everything they need to build, test and optimize journeys in a single dashboard. No code needed.

Why VueX Is A Better Choice
Why VueX Is A Better Choice

Test, innovate, maximize impact

Run well-designed statistically significant A/B tests from a single dashboard. A/B tests help retailers identify winning journeys and optimize others. Retailers can set a control journey, determine traffic split between journeys and set desired confidence scores. A/B tests can be optimized for specific goals and KPIs.


Business Impact

“Namshi has close to 150,000 products. We first added elements like Similar Products. It created a huge impact in engagement. That's when we found that this is a game changer for us.”

- Selvin Kumar, Growth Hacker

Read about Similar Products

Similar Products With Dynamic Personalization is one of the most powerful recommendations to place on Product Detail Pages (PDP).

Similar Products accounted for a 4X increase in conversion for one of Asia’s largest marketplaces.'s Customer Success teams work closely with retailers to design and run A/B tests that constantly improve ROI from personalization.

What sustained growth looks like
Consistent growth

Consistent growth in Conversion Rates seen by a customer as a result of continuous A/B tests run by our Customer Success teams.

Japanese fashion retailer FLAVA increased AOV by 40% in just 3 months with outfitting recommendations placed on the Product Detail Page (PDP).

See’s Occasion Based Styling Recommendation
increased AOV

Make the A.I. Your Own

We understand that retail businesses vary greatly from each other. VueX is designed to allow retailers to add business filters and adjust weightages of A.I. algorithms, to match their business strategy and inventory.

Weightage adjustments in the product recommendation algorithms

Choose product and content templates

Filters based on business rules

Adjust CTAs and Pop-Ups

Make the A.I. Your Own Make the A.I. Your Own

The Future of Retail: AI-based Personalized Customer Experiences

The report is designed to help retailers understand the benefits AI-based personalization solutions offer over traditional legacy systems.

Read Report

Nothing aligns an organization like

demonstrable business impact

And that’s why we put metrics like Directly Attributable Revenue on our dashboard. Measure all metrics that matter. Work closely with our customer success teams to achieve the highest business impact.

Demonstrable business impact


Increase in AOV

Demonstrable business impact


Directly Attributable Revenue

Demonstrable business impact


Increase in Return Visits

Demonstrable business impact


Higher Conversions


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