Kaleigh Moore, is a freelance writer for e-commerce platforms and the SaaS tools that integrate with them. She’s written for major SaaS companies like AT&T, HubSpot, ReCharge Payments and BigCommerce. She has also written about retail trends in e-commerce for international publications like Forbes, Vogue Business and Adweek. Tune into this episode of The Vue Podcast, and listen to Kaleigh Moore talk about:

  • How the e-commerce and SaaS space became her niche
  • Wearable tech and the tech that’s shaping the way garments are made
  • Fashion month and all the interesting tech collaborations at major runway events
  • Artificial Intelligence solutions provided by B2B startups
  • Sustainability, Inclusivity, Technology and a whole lot more!

About The Vue Podcast

Our podcast features the true champions of retail – We’re interviewing CEOs, CTOs, Investors, heads of product, heads of innovation, merchandisers, buyers and all the other people that are shaping up this billion-dollar industry. The conversations highlight the state of the retail industry today, the potential for personalisation on scale, AI’s role in the future of retail, deep-rooted process and operational inefficiencies within companies and how AI can change the way brands operate. We’ve featured some amazing change-makers from Milaner, Ashley Stewart, Macy’s, Nasty Gal, USPL, Yoga Club, Tata Cliq, Mercado Libre and will continue to feature leaders in this series. Subscribe to our podcast to understand how these decision-makers are influencing worldwide fashion retail!

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