Did you know that customers are willing to pay up to 16% premium for great shopping experiences? The question is though, how does the retailer know what the consumer is seeking in terms of experience? How can they provide memorable, personalized experiences that tailor made to what their customers are looking for? Burak Capli is the Founder of Radius Tech, a company which focuses on the smart usage of Big Data for improving customer experience in retail and fashion. Radius aims to understand consumer intent and translate it into actionable insights for retailers. Tune into this episode of The Vue Podcast, to listen to Burak discuss:

  • The idea behind starting Radius
  • Why retailers need to ensure that their personalization efforts are also grounded with their consumer's shared values
  • The biggest myths about personalization
  • Why the Experience Economy will define retail


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Our podcast features the true champions of retail – We’re interviewing CEOs, CTOs, Investors, heads of product, heads of innovation, merchandisers, buyers and all the other people that are shaping up this billion-dollar industry. The conversations highlight the state of the retail industry today, the potential for personalisation on scale, AI’s role in the future of retail, deep-rooted process and operational inefficiencies within companies and how AI can change the way brands operate. We’ve featured some amazing change-makers from Milaner, Ashley Stewart, Macy’s, Nasty Gal, USPL, Yoga Club, Tata Cliq, Mercado Libre and will continue to feature leaders in this series. Subscribe to our podcast to understand how these decision-makers are influencing worldwide fashion retail!

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