Personalization For luxury marketplaces in Asia

91% of shoppers, according to recent studies are more likely to shop with brands that offer personalized offers and recommendations. Personalization or Individualization in the e-commerce and retail industry is the ability to understand the needs and choices of individual customers and communicate with them one on one. allows retailers to understand their shoppers’ intent and tailor e-commerce storefronts using personalized recommendations. Recommendations are based on each shopper's style preferences including the type of an outfit, attributes on that outfit the shopper prefers and where on the shopping journey they are at that time. This is personalization that truly knows the shopper.’s solution will bring shoppers down a guided journey through the online store, improve ROI and ensure shoppers engage with every part of the site.

This case study will provide you with a deep dive into how personalization can add significant value and what sets's personalization suite apart. Two of the biggest rental and resale markets implemented’s personalization solutions and saw

  • 10.2% higher AOV
  • 2x more revisits to the site
  • 16.5% uplift in average order value with dynamic personalization
  • 3x conversion rate

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