Personalization in the age of experiential retail is a necessity for eCommerce. Customers look for individualized experiences over recommendations based on segments. allows you to tailor your eCommerce storefront using personalized recommendations based on each shopper's style preferences, and thus bring shoppers down a guided journey through your online store, reduce bounce rates and ensure your shoppers engage with the rest of your site.

This impact study will provide you with a deep dive into how personalization can add significant value and what sets's personalization suite apart.

One of Asia's largest online retail marketplaces - a $150B family-owned conglomerate implemented's personalization solution across their site and saw the following impact:

  • 3x increase in contribution to overall revenue with’s personalization suite.
  • Over 80% increase in engagement through personalized journey.
  • 158% uplift in user engagement through Dynamic Personalization.

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