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VueTag is the first auto-tagging product to integrate with the Hyphen-Group platform. The partnership enables VueTag to serve Hyphen Group’s clientele of fashion and luxury brands. Chalco’s customers can now choose to opt-in to the automated product tagging service powered by VueTag, to enrich product data associated with their catalogs.

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VueTag’s computer vision-based algorithm powers product data enrichment for Chalco by generating and updating existing product data in the PIM system with detailed, domain-specific and consistent product tags and descriptions. This not just cleans catalogs but also improves product discovery and enables the generation of insights using visual data.

Enrich catalogs with rich product attributes

At 10X the speed of conventional tagging

Automated product tagging saves retail teams significant time and resources, enables standardisation, and generates attribute-rich, consistent product metadata.


Extract detailed product attributes from your catalogs for high-quality product meta data.

Types of Models
Extract product attributes from images to generate optimized high-performance product metadata
Prediction Types of Models
Enrich product catalog with automated meta tags and product descriptions predicted from visual cues.

Easy QA of tags from a single window, with individual and bulk edit options. Feedback loop retrains network to quickly reflect changes.

Individual and bulk edit options allows teams to edit and approve tags easily. Multi - image preview option allows teams to ensure all necessary attributes are tagged for a product.

Download approved tags, easily integrate with existing PIM and CMS systems, in a variety of ways.

Sizes and Ethnicities
Enrich product database system with robust metadata via API or through the VueTag Dashboard. Easily integrate with platform-agnostic PIM systems or popular ecommerce connectors.
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How It Works

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Key Benefits

  • Faster tagging, with clean, consistent data extracted and predicted from visual or textual attributes.
  • Faster feedback cycles, with a network that learns with every cycle.
  • Improved decision making, to your assortment better with a deeper understanding of your products.
  • A singular view of product data, that’s readily available to multiple teams, across channels.

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