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Launch personalized experiences on your online store with’s product recommendation modules. Use Auryc’s heatmaps, feedback widgets and interaction analytics to understand how every shopper interacts with these experiences. These insights help uncover shopper intent in a given session, and also help identify new opportunities to optimize your site.

The Right Recommendations at the Right Time

for Every Individual Shopper’s recommendations are dynamically personalized for every shopper and their place in the shopper journey. Retailers benefit from better product discovery, greater catalog coverage, increased conversions and higher order values.

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Style Profiles for every shopper

Solve the cold start problem for first time customers by personalizing the shopper journey from the very first click

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In essence, decides what products to show which user, where on your site and when; Auryc helps understand why a particular experience works or doesn't work. Auryc also shows you when a shopper doesn’t engage with certain content, suggesting a less than delightful experience—deliberation, maybe even confusion. Based on this, you can tweak the site experience served to them through

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Key Benefits

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Use Cases

  • Do more of what’s good : Understand how every experience impacted your customers’ journey, and optimise based on the insights
  • Use your real estate right : Identify Digital Waste as well as new opportunities
  • Contextual feedback : Collect explicit, real-time feedback from shoppers on product recommendations and after a purchase is made

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