Personalize every email with products curated for each shopper

Why should the shopper journey end at checkout? Personalize every email you send your shoppers with VueMail. VueMail is the world’s first Style Profile-driven, AI-powered email marketing solution. Leverage the power of AI to understand data signals collected on your site to serve up personalized email content to your shoppers.


Reduction in customer
retention costs using VueMail

Cross-Sell for order confirmation emails

Get a lift in revenue by recommending products that create a cross-sell opportunity, in all your order confirmation emails. Help shoppers complete the look based on the products they’ve just purchased.

Cross-Sell for order confirmation emails

How does VueMail help you get customers back to your site,
with significantly lower retention costs?

Visually similar products for abandoned cart emails


Bring back shoppers who have abandoned their shopping carts by showing them styles that complement what they were browsing, and complete the outfit.


Recover and re-engage inactive shoppers with promotional emails showcasing personalized product recommendations. Launch new collections and nurture your user community with exclusive content for each shopper.

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