Personalized recommendations,
now easier done than said.

What is it?

The VueApp is an easier way of integrating and delivering personalized recommendations on your ecommerce platform. With a simple integration mechanism that involves minimal tech intervention the VueApp helps in personalizing the site experience through placement of different recommendations at different points of the shopper journey through an intuitive, customizable interface.

What can you do with it?

The VueApp allows you to put together experiences for your shoppers, across the different points of their journey. This means that you can configure what kind of recommendations appear on each page on your platform, be it on desktop or mobile. All of this goes live with just a single line of code that you need to embed on your site. So you can put together shopper experiences, without having to depend on your tech team.® goes live on

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What kinds of recommendations does the VueApp power?


Trending Products

Top-selling products, at category level if the shopper shows affinity to categories.

Top Picks For You

Product recommendations based on the shopper’s preferences

Inspired by Browsing History

Products based on the shopper’s recent browsing history

Recently Viewed

The shopper’s most recently viewed products

Similar Products

Products that are visually similar to the one the shopper is viewing

Complete Your Purchase

Products that complement and can be cross-sold with the chosen product

Style It

Ensembles generated based on the product the shopper is viewing, across occasions

Want to know more about the impact of Dynamic Personalization,

based on visual style attributes such as color, pattern and shape?



Monitor visitor activity, engagement, conversion, as well as overall site performance from the App’s dashboard. You can also conduct A/B tests on the experiences you create, right from the App, and ensure that you have the best-performing experiences on your site.

Easy integration

Easy integration



Across the
shopper journey

Across the
shopper journey

performance analysis

performance analysis

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