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Intelligent Retail Automation not only simplifies work but it also lowers costs, improves scalability, minimizes errors and increases efficiency. Automation democratizes functions thus reducing dependencies and delays in the pipeline. It benefits both retailers and their customers and allows a lot more people to access what used to be an exclusive experience, bringing a lot more people into the economy.

Who is it for?

Intelligent Retail Automation empowers people across different functions. Catalog managers and product managers by boosting product discovery with better product metadata through automated catalog management. Merchandizers, on the other hand, can leverage the power of on-model generation of fashion imagery to decrease the time to shoot and process product images. Stylists can curate collections and provide personalized styling to shoppers at scale. Due to all of this, each shopper will get a bespoke, custom experience where they are capable of making choices on a shopper journey that is shaped entirely on the basis of their own unique preferences. This now gives retailers the ability to understand shopper intent in real-time, thus leading to increased engagement and conversion.

Intelligent Retail Automation in 2020

Retail teams today spend many hours doing work that, if automated, can be done in a few minutes. This lowers the productivity, morale and efficiency in a highly competitive market. With the power of data, AI can completely transform how retail teams function.

Intelligent Retail Automation

Artificial Intelligence for the Retail Industry


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