Drive Revenue Across Channels’s visual intelligence works in powerful ways to help your brand build meaningful associations with every single customer. Recreate the experience of a shop floor, enable discovery and offer thoughtful, personalized recommendations. Boost revenues, strengthen customer retention and build world class brands while saving time and money - all with the power of AI


Move Your Customers Online

Personalize their experience |
Optimize your inventory

Customer Intelligence

Build a dynamic view of your customer

Personalize their experience | Optimize your inventory

Build shopper profiles through demographic, transactional, behavioral and social signals

Personalize their experience | Optimize your inventory

Power personalized journeys for every shopper

Personalize their experience | Optimize your inventory

Increase customer loyalty and lifetime value (CLTV)

Content Intelligence

Build a singular view into your inventory

Personalize their experience | Optimize your inventory

Capture and digitize product, content, and customer data

Personalize their experience | Optimize your inventory

Tag and organize data into easily usable structured formats

Personalize their experience | Optimize your inventory

Optimize costs through data-driven decisions

Retailers Trust Us

"When it comes to product discovery on an e-commerce platform, everything from our search algorithm to our recommendations to what we send on our email and push notifications is important. By taking part in this AI trend, we are testing a lot. That is why we are also partnering with an intelligent retail automation company like to really push the bar and get some of those world standards to be introduced to our platform."
ImgObj Karen Bruck

Karen Bruck
VP, Mercado Libre


Make AI
Your New Normal

Computer Vision and Data Science are at the crux of our AI platform that can extract data to match it with user behaviour, thereby giving your teams a singular view of both product and customer. Drive conversions, boost customer retention and loyalty - all with the power of AI

Automated Tagging

Automated tagging

Product Discovery

Product Discovery

Cross Channel Personalization

Cross-Channel Personalization

Personalized Marketing

Personalized Marketing
Personalization Designed for Fashion


Increase in
Cart Value

Personalization Designed for Fashion


in AoV

Personalization Designed for Fashion


in RPV

Personalization Designed for Fashion


Increase in

Personalization Designed for Fashion


Reduction in
Labor Costs

Invest in Intelligence

AI helps retailers understand their customers like never before

Match the right products to the right customer and obtain a unified view of content and customer with our AI Stack.

Invest in Intelligence

Clean, Structured

Extract tags, descriptions and shopper stories from every single product in your catalog using our AI

Invest in Intelligence


Deploy a variety of product recommendation strategies to improve shopper engagement and conversion.

Invest in Intelligence


Enhance the shopper journey across different touchpoints on your website, apps,
as well as email.

Invest in Intelligence


Gauge shopper intent in real time with every click they make, to power relevant product discovery.

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Robust AI Tools
For Accelerated

Our computer vision aided AI tools ensure that you can focus on giving your customers the most memorable experiences while cutting costs and boosting productivity across teams. for fashion

End-to-end, real time, dynamic personalization. For product managers and ecommerce teams.

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Faster tagging. Cleaner catalogs. Automatically tag catalogs and extract rich product attributes from images and text.

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Real-time, dynamic email personalization. Shopper profile based products and collections curated by AI

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