The Go-To A.I. Stack For Electronics Retail

Drive actionable insights across your retail chain using powerful Visual A.I. and Data Extraction. Enable rich product information and a singular view into your inventory, and leverage it to power truly personalized experiences, catering to dynamic shopper behavior and intent.

Automated Product Tagging

Automated Catalog Tagging

Extract and create comprehensive and accurate tags from images and text, to build a robust catalog.

Enhanced Product Discovery

Product Discovery

Build affinities: product to product and product to user, to offer the best substitute and complementary products.

Brand-based Journeys

Cross-Channel Personalization

Showcase products that belong to the same brand, which the shopper is likely to be interested in, thus increasing customer retention through brand loyalty.

Personalized Retention Marketing

Personalized Marketing

Engage continuously with your shoppers through personalized marketing and directly increase retention and loyalty.

Retailers Speak

Pratik Khandagale, Product Manager (MarTech and Analytics), Tata CLiQ in conversation with us, during #RVueConnect, Season II

Electronics retail has transitioned into an essentials category. Deciphering customers' brand preferences and delivering online journeys which cater to them has become an imperative. Follow more of our conversations with Leaders in Retail.


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For Every Electronics Shopper

Similar Products

Tag millions of products automatically with the power of Artificial Intelligence
Personalization Designed for Fashion


Contribution to Revenue
(from Substitute Recommendations)

Frequently Bought Together

Maintain clean and organized digital cataloging with AI-powered automation
Personalization Designed for Fashion


of Total Products Purchased
(across All Recommendations)

About The Brand

Generate highly specific product title and descriptions optiimized for your ecommerce needs
Personalization Designed for Fashion


Contribution to Revenue
(from Brand-based Recommendations)

Recently Viewed

Manage and sort your entire collection visually with AI powered automation
Personalization Designed for Fashion


of Total Revenue
(across All Recommendations)

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We understand that customer intelligence is at the forefront of electronics businesses. Our suite of A.I. tools enables retailers to procure a 360° view of their customer and their preferences. for fashion

End-to-end, real-time, dynamic personalization. For product managers and ecommerce teams.

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Faster tagging. Cleaner catalogs. Automatically tag catalogs and extract rich product attributes from images and text.

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Real-time, dynamic email personalization. Shopper profile based products and collections curated by A.I.

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