AI-generated product metadata enables retailers to clean, standardize and enrich their catalogs faster than ever before, at a much higher accuracy. Visual AI allows extraction of rich, granular product attributes like style, pattern, colour, occasion, design details that generate better product data. Retailers can now view their inventory in a snapshot, automatically enrich their product data with minimal human intervention, improve their site search, and optimize their product pages to be SEO-friendly.

Learn how you can leverage Visual recognition, automation and AI to improve your catalog and inventory data quality and accuracy.


  1. What automated product tagging means for your business in terms of operational efficiency and getting products to go to market faster.
  2. Ensure a seamless product discovery experience for your shoppers, increase engagement and reduce bounce rates with accurate and relevant product content.
  3. How robust metadata allows you to understand more about your shopper’s personal styles and preferences.
  4. Enhance your existing PIM solutions with AI- generated tags.
  5. Enrich your product information using AI tools.
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