R-vue covers the ongoing evolution in retail technology and how AI is changing the way products are brought to market. We will be hosting fireside chats on topics ranging from Artificial Intelligence in Fashion, retail and the rise of platforms of the future, innovations in how products are brought to market & more.

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R-Vue Mumbai

The Changing Face Of Retail & Why AI is Crucial
Are You Ready For Retail in 2020?

1. In the last decade, retail thrived, retail nearly died and then retail was resurrected in the most unexpected ways.

2. 2020 will be the year that redefines the retail industry as legacy brands double down on e-commerce, online-only DTC brands open bricks-and-mortar stores and Gen-Z and Millennials become even more difficult to please.

And that’s where AI comes in.

1. AI & Automation in retail will be a gamechanger for the industry as the new decade rolls in, which is why our panel discussion was around “The Changing Face of Retail and Why AI is Crucial.”

2. Our star-studded panel featured the likes of Depop, John Lewis, Stylus and Vue.ai. The panel was moderated by Brooke Roberts-Islam, the founder of Techstyler.

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Speakers - Vuepodcast
Katie Baron

Katie Baron

Head of Retail - Trends,

Insights & Innovation, Stylus

Remo Gettini

Remo Gettini



Susan Young

Susan Young

Partner and Head of Trading Operational Development,

John Lewis & Partners

Julia Dietmar

Julia Dietmar




Brooke Roberts-Islam



Direct Insights From Industry Leaders on

The Changing Face of Retail & Why AI is Crucial


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