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With more people shopping online now than ever before, how can fashion retailers recreate the one significant advantage of brick-and-mortar stores and provide inclusive, real-time dressing room experiences online?

Content Time
Why Virtual Dressing Rooms are Important 00:02:32
Dressing Room by VueModel 00:05:56
Demo: Dressing Room by VueModel 00:08:56
Improve Conversions with Virtual Dressing Rooms 00:12:29
Reducing Returns 00:14:41
Increasing Average Order Value 00:16:29
Q/A 00:20:10

Meet the


Julia Kaplan Dietmar

Julia Kaplan Dietmar

Chief Product Officer, Vue.ai

Key highlights


Why fashion eCommerce needs inclusive shopping experiences


How styling can enable cross-sells, promote new collections and collaborations


How virtual dressing rooms can tackle fashion’s biggest problem - returns


The business impact Dressing Room will have for fashion eCommerce retailers

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