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The D2C market has witnessed immense growth since the pandemic, and is set to reach $100 Billion by 2025. Discover how successful D2C brands are going AI-Native to cater to the rapidly growing user base and get an edge over their competitors.

Content Time
AI Adoption in Global Retail 00:02:15
Pillars of AI for D2C Brands 00:03:59
Building Data Moats 00:07:07
Adopting AI Across Channels 00:10:00
Automating Functions End-to-End 00:18:42
AI Led Revenue Growth 00:26:35
Q/A 00:31:08

Meet the


Lauryn Vaughn

Ben Digne

VP of Growth, Vue.ai

Key highlights


How brands can build high-quality data moats to cater to the nuances in shopper preferences


How teams can manage cross-channel journeys, maximize conversions and customer lifetime value for revenue growth


How eCommerce management teams can boost productivity and reduce go-to-market time


Why AI-led performance marketing is the key to achieving business goals

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