® X NYFW: A Retail Perspective® was at NYFW S/S 2020 to analyze how one of the world’s biggest fashion events will impact retail. At®, we are constantly looking out for ways to understand and adapt to the rapidly changing fashion and retail industries. Being present at NYFW gave us exclusive access into the inner workings of the industry.

This fashion week heralded a number of changes that will set the tone and direction in which both the fashion and retail industries will have to operate if they are to achieve retail success in the coming year. We have condensed all the conversations, events and discussions we had with industry leaders during fashion week, into actionable insights and takeaways, which we will be sharing in this report.


We also conducted a survey among 400 diverse respondents during our time in NYFW to better understand their retail habits. We’ve presented the results in this report.

By downloading this report, you will know:

  • What is the role that technology & AI will play in fashion?
  • How can technology boost size inclusivity?
  • How is fashion adapting to climate change?
  • What are Gen-Z’s most surprising shopping habits?
  • What are consumers expecting from the in-store experience?

To know the answers, download the report now!

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