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VueX is a retail AI platform that is designed to maximize revenue by increasing conversion, basket size and CLV. This is done by providing you with deep data and insights needed to create high impact shopper journeys and campaigns. Content displayed in the website is then personalized based on every individual shopper’s preference and intent.

VueX offers retailers the benefits of a Customer Data Platform (CDP), Content Management System (CMS), Merchandising Tools as well as Testing & Measurement- all in a single, easy-to-use product. VueX is versatile and can be customized to most retail use cases.

Intro VueX

Some interesting features to look out for include:

  • AI generated audience segments: VueX uses behavioral data to generate audience segments that are meaningful, with greater homogeneity between members. These AI generated segments can be exported for use across the organization. VueX can also place an anonymous shopper in the most relevant segment based on their behaviour.The platform also provides performance and overlap analytics.

  • 1:1 personalization of content: VueX uses AI to generate deep data about every single product in your catalog and every shopper that enters your store. By combining the two, VueX offers personalized content to every shopper. Based on A/B tests, when product and customer data are combined for personalization, conversion rates increase by as much as 100%.

  • Journey builder: Our Journey builder offers you a no-code way to create complex journeys in minutes. As the entire product was designed for retail, you can choose from a library of pretested, ready-to-use modules and templates. The level of customization and flexibility VueX offers makes it easy to use for just about every business goal and use case.

  • A/B testing & optimization: You can now A/B test every shopper journey and campaign, from within the same product. Identify winning journeys to scale and optimize others. Our business impact dashboard measures a wide range of KPIs including directly attributable revenue!