Automated Product Tagging marketplace impact study

For multi-brand retailers and marketplaces, the ability to generate and manage quality product data allows them to power applications across different channels. The ability to easily control product data across multiple vendors is also key in aligning product assortment for a large volume of products.

Assessing data quality has moved from a primarily operational function associated with efficiency and cost savings to a strategic function aligned with consumer insight and overarching business intelligence. This case study will provide you with a deep dive into how’s Automated Product Tagging solution can improve product data quality and save time and operational costs.

Learn how the multi-brand retailer:

  • Improved product data quality, with case-specific, AI-generated, product tags.
  • Improved the quality assurance process by reducing time to review product content.
  • Automated standardization of product data that flows into the system via third-party data sources.

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