AI-styling recommendations for improved engagement

Watch how thredUP tapped into a different consumer desire through their personalized Al-styled GoodyBox.

Chris Homer

Chris Homer,

Co-founder & CTO

At thredUP, creating personalized shopping experiences for our customers is a top priority.'s AI stylist allows us to personalize the end-to-end customer experience. The AI algorithms take into account each individual's visual style preferences, brand affinities, price sensitivity, and more, creating a significant impact on multiple touchpoints in the thredUP customer's journey.

AI-backed processes for enhanced product discovery

With over 35,000 brands represented and close to 100,000 unique items processed every day, find out how thredUP leverages AI to locate and assign resale value for each one of its unique items.

AI-powered personalization for superior shopper experiences

Learn how resale marketplaces can drive a 3x conversion rate on their site, what the future of the circular economy holds, and more.

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