Shopping Cart  Abandonment

What is Shopping cart Abandonment ?

Shopping cart abandonment is an ecommerce term used when a high-intent shopper visits an eCommerce website, adds at least one product to the shopping cart, and proceeds to exit the website without completing the purchase. 

Reasons for Shopping Cart  Abandonment

1. Smaller the Screen Bigger the Problem

Desktop draws in users attention to one task where as various apps on mobile phones keep sending interesting push notification which in turn distract the shopper from completing the purchase

2. Just Looking/ Researching

Most shoppers on the website are just browsing through and are not particularly interested in making a purchase on the same day. While this seems unavaidable a great user experience can ensure that they come back to complete their purchase later.

3. Other common issues

Higher additional costs(Usually shopping and taxes) a long and complicated checkout process with multiple popup windows are a cumbersome interface and the fear of the product looking different from the picture / description

Simple Tips to Avoid Cart Abandonment

1. Need for speed!

In this fast-paced era with an element of impatience, where people exit a website if it takes more than a few seconds to load, the key to reducing shopping cart abandonment is to ensure that the website or app interface provides an experience as seamless and painless as possible.

2. Go Mobile

Mobile-friendly websites were great but it is time to upgrade to a mobile-optimized or a responsive website. In fact, the best way to capture the millennial market would be to have a native mobile app developed for both Android and iOS as no website compares to a native app in terms of ease of use and navigation.

3. Keep the checkout short & sweet

Shoppers don’t like filling up registration forms and entering their billing and payment details but this is necessary for every eCommerce website.  A simpler way to do this would be to allow shoppers to register with their social media accounts. Simple steps like this can go a long way in avoiding shopping cart abandonment

4. Eliminate uncertainty: 

One of the major complaints of online shopping is the difference between the real product and its online description or product images.  This can be reduced by realistic product photography, incorporating more detailed, catchy product descriptions, and by including videos of the product that show a more realistic image of the product and its attributes.

5. Keep all prices transparent

Most websites show one cost in advertisements or even on the PDP  and then increase costs in the cart. This makes shoppers wary of the sudden increase in price.  The easiest way to avoid shopping cart abandonment is to make sure all costs  are clearly indicated in the product description page. This ensures that people don’t bounce from the checkout page seeing a jump in the total cost.

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