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As a small-medium business owner, we understand you juggle many different things during the day. VueTag is here to make your life easy. VueTag’s image recognition technology helps you generate product tags in a fraction of time, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business. With rich, consistent, accurate product data, you increase the likelihood of your products and your brand being discovered by shoppers across the globe. Faster Tagging. Cleaner Catalogs.

VueTag - a one-stop solution for ALL your catalog management problems

Automated Product Tagging

Generate product data with automated tags and titles

Manual tagging is time consuming and error-prone which leads to incorrect and inconsistent product data. Generate rich and accurate tags instantly. Save time and let VueTag manage your catalog. Go on and auto-tag your entire fashion catalog with pattern, sleeve length, colors, neck type design details, and more.

Improve product discovery

Why settle for less when you can get more?
Don’t let redundancies like spelling errors, inaccurate and inconsistent product descriptions come in the way of shoppers finding your products and brand across multiple channels. Boost on-site search with better search listings to help shoppers find brand and products faster.

Boost Your Productivity with VueTag

Save 30 hours per person per week

Automated Product Tagging

Faster product digitization

Automated Product Tagging

As one business owner or a small team, losing one person for 1-2 hours everyday to tag your products manually and to post them on all channels can be cumbersome, expensive and inefficient. With VueTag, you can focus on growing your business, letting our tool handle product tagging in a matter of a few minutes.

Organize unstructured inventory

Automated Product Tagging

VueTag’s AI technology generates real-time visual attributes for product images. The tool auto-detects product categories, type, style, color, and pattern to classify the entire inventory. Instantly review predicted product data and identify gaps with a click!

An automated solution in 3 easy steps:

Automated Product Tagging


Upload your product images and catalog to get deep fashion tags in real-time

VueTag - consistent metadata


Explore and review the predicted tags, title and description

Automated Product Tagging


Download SEO-friendly, ready to plug in tags for your website and omni-channel platforms

Get more with VueTag

  • Automated, SEO-friendly product data, titles and description
  • Enable curated collections for shoppers
  • Ready to plug tags for easy distribution on website and social media channels
Vuetag - seo friendly tags
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But don’t just take our word for it

“Amora was looking for a solution to quickly reach customers with our wide range of apparel and spend fewer resources to digitize each product. VueTag not only helped us label our exhaustive catalog, it also generated SEO-optimized product descriptions in no time!“

Sanjana Rajendran

Sanjana Rajendran

CEO & Co-Founder
Amora Bershy

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