Catalog management features for fashion e-commerce

Image Recognition based product tagging tool for an end-to-end retail catalog automation

Tag your products in 3 easy steps
Automated Product Tagging

Detailed Fashion Tags

Category Tags

Tag your fashion catalog real-time with VueTag’s 35+ apparels and accessories product types like dresses, skirts, tops, shirts, sweaters, bags, jewellery, footwear, watches, sunglasses, caps. Organize your product catalog with enriched metadata to enhance shopper experience through better discovery.

Detailed Product Attributes

VueTag’s image recognition extracts rich attributes from your product images such as pattern, sleeve length, color, neckline, style and occasion.

Style and Occasion Attributes

Go boho, retro, casual, athleisure, chic and curate several themes to let your customers shop for their specific event demands like cocktail party, weddings, brunch, beach vacay, and so much more. Now get your shoppers search faster for what they are looking for, across selling platforms.

Title and Description

Create Titles

Product title is the first thing your shoppers see while looking for a product. VueTag’s algorithms generate relevant titles by using two or more predicted tags for rich and consistent product information, at scale, with 30k tagged images in an hour.

Create Description

VueTag tool auto-generates detailed and high-quality product description with predicted tags and in-built templates designed specifically for fashion catalogs, saving you manual effort of 30+ hours per person per week.

Automated Product Tagging
Automated Product Tagging

Review and Edit Tags

VueTag’s easy-to-use tool gives you the flexibility to evaluate and modify tags for complete quality assurance. With the edit feature, maintain any internal requirements related to product description. Get improved view of categories with the ability to review predicted category tags and attributes for product images.

Enrich your product catalog with visual attributes, and complete it with your product information. Vuetag supports displaying product metadata in the app, for users to provide comprehensive feedback to reduce time for overall review.

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Bulk Edit

Tag more and save time while reviewing your business workflows - in a flash, with the Bulk Edit feature. This feature helps users perform a quality check for multiple images uploaded and tagged, all in one go!

Quick feedback on the entire batch of images uploaded

Get instant insight into the accuracy of tags predicted and choose to provide feedback as needed - one at a time or sets at a time. Make your products discoverable by 250+ attributes like style and occasion, neckline, dress length, sleeve-length, pattern, and more.

Provide attribute-based feedback

Edit only those images that need correction. Filter images by a tag value and edit as needed. Faster tagging, cleaner catalogs.

Improve as you go

Continuous suggestions and edits route feedback to train and enhance the predictions. Over time, network improvements will be reflected on the user’s dashboard, saving time and effort while tagging the next batch.

Automated Product Tagging

Ready to Plug in Tags

Download SEO-friendly, ready to plug in tags for your website and omnichannel platforms. Export an entire batch of predicted tags in CSV format for a hassle-free integration using API links and your existing PIM and CMS tools.

Automated Product Tagging

Catalog Insights

Get a unified view of products, based on categories and attributes. Plan your assortment better by understanding trends, styles and seasonality, allowing retailers to gain insight into shoppers’ behavior to make informed decisions and showcase relevant products to the right audience.

Automated Product Tagging

Accuracy Report

VueTag’s Accuracy report helps retailers and merchandisers visualize the performance of category tags for reviewed images in a given batch through matrix with plotted by predicted values vs. actual values. Now, monitor and measure performance of predicted tags, and review tags with low accuracy score to fix cataloging issues.


VueTag provides you a quick summary of total images tagged, overall tags generated and the accuracy score for the given batch. Retailer can keep an eye on all the changes and updates made in the tool by individual user with the activity feed section.

Multiple User Profiles

We understand your retail business and the responsibilities that come with it. VueTag provides an option to invite your team members, thus making catalog management both collaborative and efficient. With ease of multiple logins, your entire team can review tagging faster and stay agile with all catalog updates.

Automated Product Tagging
Automated Product Tagging

Multi-lingual Support

We understand that local language goes a long way to connect with your customers and also allows for seamless product digitization. VueTag supports English and non-English tag mapping. Now reach out to your customers faster in their language with VueTag’s multi-lingual tag support. Currently supports Japanese and Spanish.

Automated Product Tagging
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