AI Styling Assistant

A Smart Ecommerce Merchandising Tool
for Stylists & Site Merchandisers

A Smart Ecommerce Merchandising Tool for Stylists & Site Merchandisers

Ecommerce Website Tool to Transform Fashion Merchandising

Ecommerce merchandising and curation will never be the same again! VueStyle is an AI Styling Assistant that is the perfect aide to your styling and site merchandising teams - boosting productivity and driving efficiency. With our Style Curation Tool, you can create theme-based collections for your website in quick, easy steps. Our Subscription Box Curation Tool helps you match your shoppers’ Style Profile with their box preferences and picks products that you can review.

Using our AI Styling Assistant:


increase in
Stylist Throughput


Subscription Boxes


increase in
Subscription Box
Keep Rate

Maximise Ecommerce Merchandising with an AI Styling Assistant

Ecommerce merchandising Ecommerce merchandising

Improve shopper engagement with better merchandising


Get products curated based on your theme and style

Instant Feedback Iterations

Get better results with every click

Image Search Recognition

Find products based on your moodboards

Full Control

Edit and customize easily to match your requirements

Easy integration

Flexible integration options

Shopper Spotlight

Understand the Style Profile and preferences of each shopper

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AI Styling Assistant: Ecommerce Website Tools

Ecommerce Website Tools
Style Curation Tool

Pick a theme, upload a moodboard, add some tags - and watch the tool perform its magic! The Style Curation Tool helps you build collections of products and outfits for different themes. Based on the images and tags you upload, the tool finds products and outfits from your catalog that you can review and select to add to a collection.

Style Curation Tool
Ecommerce Website Tools
Subscription Box Curation Tool

Scaling a subscription box service doesn’t need to be daunting anymore. By automating subscription box curation, VueStyle can help you scale your service. With personalized products that your customers will love in each box, you don’t need to worry about churn rates. Help your shoppers explore fashion - the way they like it.

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