is a computer vision and AI brand
We are a collective of skilled neuroscientists, engineers, fashion designers and user experience experts creating technology for one of the most creative and influential industries in the world: FASHION.
It’s parallel dimensions of physical and digital merging. It’s a boundaryless way to see the future.
It’s technology that’s symbiotic with style and substance. It’s science supporting self exploration.
We put people squarely in the middle of the solutions we create and work towards the common goal of making a positive impact on the shopping experience.
The Vue Code
Our ethos of being an inclusive, modern and curious brand is bolstered by our three keystone philosophies.
Time Effective
Save time with new advancements. Free yourself to do the things that matter.
Future Focussed
Leverage the past and the present to gain momentum for your future.
Human Enhancing
Focus on natural, meaningful ways to integrate people with technology.
Building AI that Works for You
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Ashwini Asokan, CEO & co-founder, on designing the future of AI.
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Anand Chandrasekaran, CTO & neuroscientist, on general intelligence.
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